I was lucky enough to catch Annabel Maria’s first live show at The Tooting Tram&Social.Her distinct voice, unique style and strong array of original movement was impressive.Definitely one to watch out for.

Jane potter

Former International Promotion Manager at EMI and BMG. ( Queen,David Bowie,Duran Duran,Whitney Houston,Kate Bush).

“Annabel seems sweet and harmless, but I wouldn’t be fooled, for she is a completely different person on stage! Here tone is quite unique and balanced,
its depth enriching anyone that will listen. It’s clear
that her strongest quality is her charisma, which
makes her a pleasure to work with. I have no
reservations about her future journey into the
music industry, and her continuous study of
musicianship concepts like applied theory and
musical adaptability will only serve to add to her roster of employable skills!”
Thomas Baptista (ACM Guildford)

“Annabel is a delightful and creative artist to work with who draws influence from a diverse range of sources. She has a wonderful vocal range with a beautiful and rich tone that can be adapted to a range of styles”
Madison Claridge
(The night Society)
Annabel takes her music seriously and works hard to develop herself, both as an artist and a general musician. She is reliable, friendly, not to mention a highly capable singer. 
Kaya Herstad-Carney (ACM Artist Development)
"Annabel's a fantastic artist to work with! Not only for her amazing music, but also because she has the most incredible personality and positivity that drives the band."
Howard 'Bass' Head
Musician (Soda cat,Kenya Grace)